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The Man

Behind the Mic

Serious Content. Funny Delivery.

 A Mission of Global Workplace Happiness 


Galvanizing groups from Vienna, Austria, to Vallejo, CA, Paul is on a global mission to help people optimize productivity with positivity. Delivering a rare blend of inspiring content and entertaining humor, Paul provides strategies for creating more connected, productive, and intentionally positive work cultures. From international HR summits to companies like Nasdaq and Kaiser Permanente, he has worked with hundreds of organizations. Whether he’s delivering the keynote address at a healthcare conference, facilitating a leadership workshop for corporate executives, or providing communication skills training to a police department, Paul tailors his approach to fit the needs of the group. His work has been highlighted in Forbes, SUCCESS Magazine, and on his mom’s refrigerator.


A Conflict Resolution Specialist

With a background in higher education leadership and administration, Paul’s previous roles addressed high-risk behaviors and potential threats to college campuses. As a Director of Conflict Resolution and Associate Dean of Students, he investigated and adjudicated sexual assaults and domestic violence disputes, worked with students with severe drug, alcohol, and mental health issues, and taught graduate courses in the Higher Education Leadership Program. Paul was featured in The Chronicle of Higher Education for his work in restorative justice, and in 2013, he served as a consultant to the U.S. Department of Higher Education Center for Alcohol, Drug, and Violence Prevention. Paul continues to serve as a consultant trainer for Community Matters, a national leading non-profit dedicated to school violence prevention.


A “Jack of all Jokes”


Despite the serious nature of his work, it’s Paul’s background in improv and stand-up comedy that brings his content to life and allows the audience to experience not just a presentation, but a performance. After building a career in comedy—and even winning a stand-up comedy contest in Denver—Paul became interested in the use of humor to influence, lead, and increase resilience. Paul’s TEDx Talk, “Leading with Laughter: The Power of Humor in Leadership,” has been viewed more than 200,000 times, and he’s the President of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor, an international non-profit dedicated to the study and application of humor to enhance health and human performance. Paul’s humor is positive, inclusive, and HR compliant. ;)   


Workshops & Training


The Art of Humility:
3 Tips to Being a More Humble Leader

HubSpot INBOUND Conference - Boston, MA


Where Business Meets Humor

Tech Content Marketing Conference - San Francisco

Association for Applied and

Therapeutic Humor

I’m honored to serve as the President of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor (AATH), an international organization dedicated to the study and application of humor to enhance health and human performance. Our members are professionals from agencies like the American Institute of Stress, Harvard, Johns Hopkins, and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. The diverse group of researchers, doctors, business professionals, nurses, consultants, and educators come together each year to learn more about how to use humor in professional settings. Feel free to join us at our conference, laugh during our presentations, or silently judge them. ;)

Community Matters

None of the work I do is more important or more gratifying than my role as a Lead Consultant Trainer with Community Matters. A nationally recognized non-profit agency dedicated to school violence prevention, Community Matters’ mission is to empower students and adults to create schools that are safe, welcoming, and inclusive. I facilitate workshops with kids from 4th to 12th grade, teachers, school administrators, police departments, and superintendents. They learn non-violent communication strategies, practice the skills they need to intervene when they see mistreatment, and discover how to prevent violence by creating a more connected and restorative school climate.

“He’ll keep your audience entertained — but more importantly, he’s brilliant
at inspiring people.”

Timothy Reid
Regional Operations Director
VCA Animal Hospitals

“His authenticity, honesty, and humor are strengths, and he has the ability to connect with audiences in incredible ways!”

Blanche Hughes
Vice President for Student Affairs
Colorado State University

“Paul’s presentation was fun, exciting, engaging, thought provoking, and incredibly well received. I was very impressed by the quality of the preparation and customization he offered.”

Bob Arnold
Disaster Recovery Journal

“Paul’s personal stories and experiences give him instant credibility and rapport. I would definitely have Paul back on campus.” 

Chris Bryson
Executive Director,
Academic Initiatives & Integrity
University of Arkansas