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 Whether it’s employee burnout, interpersonal conflicts, morale, or leadership, I consistently learn from my clients about what the concerns and needs are in today’s everchanging professional climate. I ask event planners, “When I’m done, what do you want your group thinking and what do you want them feeling?” Together with current research, best practices, and experience, the answers to these questions help inform my content. Since nobody ever says, “I want my group to feel bored,” I always add strategically placed humor, anecdotes, and activities to make the content memorable and the presentation feel like an experience. I know if I can get participants to laugh, it lowers the cortisol in their brains that causes them to stress about things like unread emails, to-do lists, and fantasy football rosters and helps them stay engaged.


Looking for a spark to start the day with an entertaining message or finish with just the right feeling? Find the keynote below that best fits your needs. Then we’ll talk more about your group, your goals, and what I can do to make your event a memorable experience. All of my keynotes have been tested on—and approved by—both of my dogs.

Leading with


Decrease Stress & Boost Happiness with Humor

Battling Burnout & Compassion Fatigue



Creating a

Culture of Fun

Tailored for

Your Event

If They’re Laughing, They’re Listening.



Don’t have time for an entire keynote? Want to see if I can actually stop talking? Or are you just looking for some succinct, high-energy inspiration? These talks are designed to be thought provoking, motivating, informative, and entertaining.

Condense a Keynote

or Workshop

How to Be


How to Be



Tailored for

Your Event


 Workshops & Training 

If you have a little more time and want interactive and intentional activities for your group, then let’s talk workshops and training. Whether it’s about creating a culture of fun, conflict resolution, communication skills development, or improving team dynamics, I’ll tailor a workshop to fit the needs of your organization.



Creating a

Culture of Fun

Skills Development

Creating Positive

Work Climates

Tailored for

Your Group

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